Multi Channel Load Manager - Power Distribution Unit / System

A multi channel load manager that provides 3 channel or 9 channel single phase electrical information and is available in two different constructions (96x96mm panel meter or 90x90mm Din Rail).

A technological wonder that provides the customer with 3 times faster data communication to the SCADA/Energy Management Software, saves critical panel space, reduces cabling and best of all reduces the cost of the panel substantially.

Multiple PDU's can be cascaded to measure multiple channels with a maximum of 15 channels in a series with common display unit making up the Power Distribution System (PDS).

The system also allows the user to have multiple meters placed in the panel with a single display unit placed at a remote location.

Power Distribution Unit

  • For remote reading and control, the PDU is supported by ElNet Software, designed for remote setup and data viewing and analysis
  • Building Management System: With the open modbus protocol, the PDU can interface any system, such as building management, HMI etc.

  • Multi-channel data collection
  • Ideal for apartments / commercial complexes billing and load pattern study on individual phase
  • Displays Basic, Power and Energy parameters)
  • RS 485 communication interface (Optional)
  • Space saving compact design for easy installation into existing panel boards
  • True RMS measurements
  • Simultaneous sampling of Volts & Amps
  • Accuracy class 1.0 IEC 61036 / CBIP 88 (0.5 option)
  • User programmable password protection
  • Energy resetting @ 999999 kWh × Multiplication factor
  • Dynamic communication - user selectable register map
  • Accuracy : Class 1 (Default) IEC 61036, IS 13779 CBIP 88, Class 0.5 (Option).
  • Sensing/Measurement : True RMS, 1 Sec update time; 4 Quadrant Power & Energy
  • Input voltage : 4 Voltage inputs (VR, VY, VB, VN); Programmable 110 or 415V LL Nominal (Range 80 to 550V LL), Primary Programmable up to 999 kV, Burden: 0.2VA Max. per phase.
  • Input current : Current inputs (AR, AY, AB) 3 Channels, Each channels can independently configurable, Primary Programmable up to 99 kA.
  • Aux-Supply : (Control Power) 80 - 300V AC/DC, 40-70Hz, 80 - 300V DC (Default), Burden: 4VA Max
  • Display Resolution : 1 row, 6 digits , CT PT Ratio Max: 2000 MVA Programmable
  • CT PT Ratio Max : 2000 MVA Programmable
  • Communication : RS485 interface, Industry standard Modbus RTU protocol (RS232 optional), Baud rate: 1200 bps to 19200 bps. (Preferred 9600 bps), Isolation : 2000 volts AC isolation for 1 minute between communication and other circuits.
  • Weight : Unpacked: 300 gms, Packed: 400 gms
  • Mechanical Specification : Dimension Bezel: 96 × 96 mm (Depth 50mm behind bezel behind panel mounting), 90 × 90 mm for Din Rail.
  • 18 months warranty
  • Individual phase kWh measurement provides user flexibility of measuring 3 phase 3 channels or single phase 9 channels
  • Primary current can be independently configured making it ideal for any kind of industry or up-gradation
  • Standard communication Platforms: Modbus RTU
  • Displays more than 25 parameters Basic, Power and Energy
  • OLD register to store the previously cleared Energy value
  • Displays basic Power,Energy(Averege/Total, Individual Phases)
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