Generator Monitoring unit - Gen Duos

“Gen Duos” a unique product built for the Generator Industry. The product has a dual display system. It continuously displays kWh parameter along with user chosen Voltage or Amps or Hz. The kWh display is 6½ digits non resettable stepper counter and the VAF display is a 4 digit bright LED. The meter is programmable for three phase and single phase applications, having one common CT and PT settings for all the monitoring values which can be made through front panel keys ensuring higher reliability. It has rich high frequency LED pulse output in the front facia and 12V at rear which is best in the industry.

  • Dual display system reduces the need for multiple meters.
  • Reduces cost and simplifies panel wiring.
  • User friendly, CT, PT programming through front panel keys.
  • Suitable for Generator applications.
PN 7710 Demand Controller
  • Hybrid display: KWh 6 digit counter, Basic 4 digit LED
  • Simultaneous display of KWh and user selected Voltage or Amps or Hz
  • Simultaneous programming of both displays
  • Programmable for single phase and three phase applications
  • Displays basic parameters (VLL, VLN, A Total, A Phase, Hz, Kwh)
  • Rich pulse output in the front and rear. Best in the industry
    • Provides 3000 / Transformer Ratio / kWh pulses in the front
    • Provides 300 / Transformer Ratio / kWh pulses in the rear
  • Accuracy : Class 1 (Default) IEC 61036, IS 13779, CBIP 88
  • Sensing/Measurement : True RMS, 1 Sec update time for VAF. 4 Quadrant with forward kWh accumulation
  • Input voltage : 4 Voltage inputs (VR, VY, VB, VN). Programmable 110 or 415V LL. Nominal (Range 80 to 550V LL). Primary Programmable up to 999 kV. Burden: 0.2VA Max. per phase
  • Input current : Current inputs (AR, AY, AB) 50mA - 6A (Field configurable 1A or 5A). Primary programmable up to 99 kA. Overload: 10A max continuous, 50A max for 3 Sec. Burden: 0.2VA Max. per phase.
  • Aux-Supply : (Control Power)80 - 300V AC/DC (Default), Burden : 4VA Max
  • Display Type : Stepper counter 6½ digits for kWh, 10mm height bright red LED display for VAF
  • CT PT Ratio Max : 2000 MVA programmable
  • Weight : Unpacked: 300 gms, Packed: 400 gms
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