ELMeasure has employed state of the art technology for all its products using SMD components with re-flow soldering. Products are designed for single inter-connectivity between control boards and products are made using multilayered gold flash PCBs. Our technology ensures the highest level of product reliability.

ElMeasure offers a complete range of power monitoring hardware to fit user application, network and budget needs. Combined with ElMeasure’s network hardware, it enables the user to take the next step in energy management, monitoring and control. ElMeasure’s user friendly Energy Management System ELNet provides unique and exclusive functionality to help the user manage energy optimally. The software helps users to configure power monitors (meters) at strategically placed locations and access power/energy data in real time. In addition, enables to capture, analyze, store and share the data across the user organizations. This makes it easy for the user to acquire and distribute the knowledge required to optimize energy consumption and improve productivity while lowering the energy costs.

ElMeasure offers customized test bench system for Alternators, Pumps, motor and generators. The system provides error free test reports and certificates.

  • True RMS measurements
  • Clearance and creepage distance meets UL508 safety standard
  • Touch proof voltage & current terminals
  • Password protection
  • Simultaneous sampling of voltage & current signals
  • Multilayer PCB, SMD components and minimum/no interconnections
  • SMT, fine pitch with pick & place and re-flow solder technology
  • Polycarbonate casing
  • Low CT, PT burden
  • Positive energy accumulation even at reversed CT polarity
  • Easy installation and programmability
  • Up-gradable to higher versions or additional features
  • Transducer version option
  • Integration of process parameters option in higher end products
  • Controlling features option with digital output in higher end products
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