Quality System

Elmeasure maintains a strong culture for quality within the organization and customer satisfaction is set as our primary goal. Our ISO 9001:2008, Six Sigma, POKAYOKE, Kaizen, 5S and other quality initiatives demonstrate that defined processes are at the heart of every activity performed at Elmeasure, the common objective of all processes is to constantly deliver high value to our global clientele.

Our approach to quality in the organization has established a process where we ASSESS, ANALYZE, and ADVANCE; we do this constantly by monitoring all processes and services. Six Sigma and ISO 9001:2008 standard procedures are effectively used in achieving this objective.

ElMeasure's Employees are committed to our quality policy and ensure that all quality standards are upheld throughout the organization. A mindset for constant quality improvement is instilled at every level in order to make quality policy management effective.

Quality is guaranteed at ElMeasure India, it is a right that we believe every customer should enjoy without question. The company monitors internal defect trends, post release defects, customer satisfaction, and productivity, among others, plotted every month and analyzed.

Our positive trends in our quality management process can be attributed to the combined effort on all the process initiatives at this company. A key factor to Elmeasure's success and growth has been its ability to provide customers with technological superior products that do not sacrifice quality or service, the combination has ensured steady growth, repeat business, and positive customer referrals.
The Elmeasure India management team made a formal commitment to quality with the company's inception in 2004. We completed the development and implementation of a quality management system (QMS) in 2005 and achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2007 and upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 in January 2010. CE certifications for our products have been obtained through TUV in 2007.
Our Quality Management System is a set of standards and procedures, certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards by TUV, representing Elmeasure India's best practices for service and product quality.
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