Demand Monitor & Demand Controller

Demand controli is a method of controlling the consumption not to overload the grid.Demand is calculated in different ways, different parameters depends on the region/country.

There are two types of demand measurement names Sliding window & Fixed (Block) window,Forecast demand control & Step wise Demand Control.

It minimizes utilisation of demand thereby preventing paying of penalty for exceeding demand. The controller is precise, predictive and informative to get alarm and trip when the threshold limit is crossed.

Elmeasure demand controller helps the user to manage power optimally utilizing the feature of Time of Tariff for energy and demand.

PN 7710 Demand Controller EN 8410 Demand Controller

Elmeasure Offers you
  • Field Programmable demand period 5 Min to 30 Mins.
  • Field Programmable demand parameters kVA,kW,Amps Avg or kVar.
  • Field Programmable demand monitoring method Sliding or Fixed.

Elmeasure Offers you
  • Field Programmable Forecast or Step Demand.
  • Forecast demand predicts demand crossing before programmable prediction turns.
  • Step demand cuts of non essential loads and maintain the demand.
  • Programmed non essential load trip limit (1% to 99% of Full Scale)
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