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ElMeasure has adopted the philosophy of striving for continuous product innovation. This is the first time in Elmeasure history to develop the device in tariff construction. Like all other Meter this also has lots of unique distinguishing properties. The design is completely microcontroller based thus provides effective solution to the electrical service providers.

Most power distribution companies face major challenges in recovering electricity bills on time. ElMeasure has developed a unique Contactless Prepaid Energy Meter which acts as a direct revenue interface between power distribution companies and the consumers.

Models Available
  • PE5120 – Three phase Prepaid meter with internal contactor
  • PE5121 – Single phase prepaid meter with internal contactor

  • Shopping Malls
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Residential layouts
  • Residential apartments
  • Employee quarters

DC Energy Meter
  • User friendly Contactless Prepaid Energy Meter Solution
  • Remote Display Unit allowing customer to recharge and monitor consumption
  • Integration of Gas and Water with the electrical parameters thereby, extending the flexibility for the user to budget expenses
  • Tripping of EB or DG consumption at pre-determined set point for protection and effective use of energy
  • History of consumption for analysis
  • Direct current measurement up to 60A for Single or three phase measurements
  • Charging the meter with credit revenue through secured encrypted smart card
  • Elmeasure encryption is added on top of this to provide the better security

  • Compact wall mounting design
  • Optional remote display unit
  • Accuracy Class 1.0 IS13779
  • Dual Source Measurement (EB & DG)
  • Current Limiting facility for DG
  • Advanced contact-less encrypted RF card technology
  • Optional Gas and Water measurements
  • Money based recharging, No separate EB and DG recharging
  • Each smart card is tagged to the meter to prevent misuse
  • Measures kWh from dual source like EB and DG
  • Field programmable trip facility when the alternate source trips
  • Overloading / Tripping of DG is prevented due to excess drawing of power by consumers
  • Reconnects automatically after programmable delay time
  • External current limiters not required
  • Accuracy : Class 1 (Default) IEC 61036, CBIP 88
  • Sensing/Measurement : True RMS, 1 Sec update time, 4 Quadrant Power & Energy (RD Option
  • Input voltage : 4 Voltage inputs (VR, VY, VB, VN); Programmable 110 or 415V LL Nominal (Range 80 to 550V LL), Primary Programmable up to 999 kV, Burden: 0.2VA Max. per phase.
  • CT operated input current : Current inputs (AR, AY, AB) 50mA- 6A (Field configurable 1A or 5A), Primary Programmable up to 99 kA for CT operated one, Overload : 10A max continous, 50A max for 3 sec.for 5A or 10 times basic whichever is lower, Burden : 0.5VA Max. per phase
  • Whole current operated : 10 - 40A or 15 - 60A or 20 - 80A
  • CT PT Ratio Max : 2000 MVA Programmable
  • Display Resolution : 1 row, 6 digits, (Integrated 6digits) 10mm
  • Communication : RS485 serial channel connection, Industry standard. Modbus RTU protocol (RS232 optional), Baud rate : 1200 bps to 19200 bps. (Preferred 9600 bps), Isolation : 2000 volts AC isolation for 1 minute between communication and other circuits.
  • Gas / water input option : Factory configurable Digital input with Maximum Frequency 3 Hz OR Analog Input 4-20mA or 0-20mA programmable at field or 1-10DC voltage
  • Weight : Unpacked: 1650 gms, Packed: 1850 gms
  • Mechanical Specification : for 3phase prepaid meter, Dimension Bezel: 173 × 262 mm (Depth 82mm behind bezel)
ELSoft PPS :
The service provider will have PC, Charging unit and Elmeasure’s ELSoft PPS.ELSoft PPS is a windows based SOftware to recharge RF Card. Initially ELSoft PPS software should be entered with all the meter serial numbers and the user name and address.

The action required by the service provider is just to install the meter and further activities involve only the consumer, which then is a very simple procedure to be followed. It is sufficient for the service provider to have only one man power to recharge the card as per the consumer's requirement.

The steps involved are the consumer would place a request to recharge the card. The service provider recharges using ELSoft PPS software and recharging unit . After the recharge consumer needs to display the card in front fascia of the meter or remote unit. This enables the meter to acquire the amount recharged now the content in the card is reset to zero until he recharges again. The intelligent microcontroller based Electronics inside the meter stores the number of units recharged by the concerned consumer and measures the energy consumption.

As soon as the consumer exceeds the recharged amount that is when the meter projects zero balance the meter disconnects the outgoing power supply to the consumer until the next recharge. It adopts advanced RF smart card techniques, the user buy electric power and transmit the data of purchased amount into the meter to use power. One‐household with one meter and one card, to use power by card, i t can prepay for electric power,automatically meter ‐ reading, and prevent power‐stealing. When the purchased power is used up, it will power cut automatically. Meanwhile, the information of the user is managed by the computer, computer can check, sum up the data and charge fees and print bills as needed.

Unique features of ELSoft PPS
  • Password protected
  • Works only with the Elmeasure Dongle
  • Customer master – Add / Edit / View customer list to be serviced. This will be useful to keep the record and generate the bills with the meter serial no
  • Cost – EB/ DG/ Gas and water per unit charges to be connected and the tax part of it
  • Recharge ‐ Option of deducting currency based on the fixed and maintanace charges and the tax
  • Reports –
      a. Recharge slip ‐ provides the last recharge slip for the particular user
      b. Consolidated recharge history for the particular user for the selected period
      c. Consolidated recharge history for all the users for the selected period to facilitate the service provider

Flow of ELSoft PPS
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