Energy Audit (EL Audit) Solution

ELAudit is an handful tool for the Energy mangers or Auditors. Elmeasure’s power audit software helps to record the electrical parameters in the database at a minimum sampling time of 1 second.

Software will work with standard data cable connected to Elmeasure’s load manger, one of the main feature of this software is an Ethernet enabled data communication. This Ethernet enabled communication allows a full control of the measurements from a remote PC via LAN connection.

motor Protection System
Software will record the data for maximum of 24 hours for a test at a minimum data sampling time of 1 second,The same software can record up to 48 hrs data when data sampling is 2 seconds. Data sampling option is variable from 1 seconds to 60 seconds.

  • Vector diagram
  • Variety of real time data display with trends
  • Online and offline alarms
  • Test data can be export to excel format
  • Test data view in tabular form and trends
  • Log Book
  • Time of Day
  • Parameter
  • Alarm Report
  • Min and max values
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