Motor Protection System

Elmeasure as a trend setter, it has once again come up with setting a benchmark in the field of instrumentation.

Elmeasure’s MPS is a total care for your motors which gives max protection through more features by monitoring various parameters meticulously.

It is a universal solution to safeguard motors against various problems.

Frequent fluctuation in line voltage or over loading the equipment / motor leads to failure.

Mechanical wear and fear causes the motor to work inefficiently or burn.

Elmeasure's Motor Protection System is a multifunction system providing comprehensive and easy to define motor protection, monitoring and control.

The system offers a continuous reliable protection of motors / equipment against abnormal voltage, overload, frequency, PF, single phasing, unbalance loading of voltage and current, neutral current, phase reversal, winding short, etc.

  • MPS 8000
  • MPU 5110
motor Protection System motor Protection System

  • Volts, overload, frequency, PF, Neutral current
  • Programmable ‘start time’ from sensing safe condition
  • Programmable trip time (intelligent inverse time) for:
  • Programmable relay status High or Low for safe, 2 relay for alarm and trip
  • Detect winding shorts, cable loss
  • Store the reasons for tripping future correction
  • Manual re-correction once tripped. Measures VLL, VLN, A, Hz, W, VA, PF, Neutral current, Wh, LH, ON time, No of interrupts
  • Safe/Alarm/Trip indication for on-line view
  • Best curve fitting for overload trip, startup current
  •  Specifications  Details  Units  Conditions
     Accuracy  Class 1  %  Reading
     Burden V or I/ Phase  0.2 max  VA  
     Current Input  100mA to 12A  Amps  
     Auxiliary Supply  80 – 300  Volts  AC / DC
     Display Resolution  8 row -8 digit    
     Baud Rate  600 bps TO 19200 bps  bps  Only for Instantaneous measuring parameters
     Operating Temperature  -10 to +55
    14 to 131
     Overload Current  12
     Amps  Continuous Max for 3 Sec
     Isolation  2000  AC Volts  For 1 minute between communication & other circuits
     Features  Specifications  Units  Conditions
     Panel Dimension Bezel  96 x 96  mm  
     Panel Cut-out  92 +0 -2 X 92 +0 -2  VA  
     Depth  50  mm  
     Weight  300
     Grams  Unpacked Shipping
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